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Fruits of Living

We all want to live a satisfying, productive, and healthy life. These important goals are measured by the Fruits of Living scale. This unique and dynamic assessment reveals your current quality of life.

The Fruits of Living is a concept developed by Al Pesso and Diane Boyden-Pesso as part of their therapeutic modality Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PSPB). The theory states that we were created with an innate genetic push to survive and bare “fruit”. This fruit leads us to have more pleasure than pain, to have meaning over despair, to have satisfaction versus frustration, and to have more connections than being alienated. This genetic push helps humans to survive life’s tragedies and to tolerate suffering and great hardships.

While our world is imperfect, we have deep longings and desires for love, meaning, happiness and purpose. Throughout our life we attempt to have all our needs fulfilled so that we can have a satisfying and fruitful life. The passage of time does not diminish these longings. Thus, basic needs that were not met in childhood, or perhaps only partially met, continue to demand fulfillment.

Every infant comes into the world with a set of basic needs. These needs are universal and must be met at the right time and by the right people. For example, one of our basic needs is a sense of place and belonging. This need is met by the fetus having a home (womb). After being birthed, the newborn has this need can be met when the parents gaze upon their child and tell them they are truly wanted, loved, and have a place for them in their home, in their life, and in their hearts. When this need is not met, the child (and later the adult) may feel like a wanderer and have difficulty putting down roots.

Your score on the Fruits of Living scale indicate the degree to which your basic needs were met. That is, the higher the score the more likely your basic needs were met.

I hope that you find the Fruits of Living Scale helpful in viewing your current life. To discover even more about yourself and to work towards greater fulfillment, I invite you to take the Levang Inventory of Family Experiences (LIFE) . This exciting new assessment tool offers you an opportunity to live life fully alive and aware. A new life of connectedness, pleasure, meaning and satisfaction is truly possible

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